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Imagine... WM 2006

The »holy green« - for professional kickers it means the stage of victory and defeat, whistle and final game. For fans it means a field for kicking and relaxing, making friendship and being happy. In short terms: Football is not only serious sports but also an event. This is what our design is visualizing.

The realistic illustration of the green sets the spectator close to action, puts him directly on the pitch. You can hear, smell and feel the atmosphere. In front of your inner eye you see colorful scarfs dancing, Laola-waves...

The white ball in the logo is also playing with association and emotion. Everybody‚s own world of football is lasting. If you have a look onto, does not see anything at first glance, later on a lot of things. The half-round shapes, ball and globe at the same time, is representative for the World Cup 2006 as an world-embracing, connecting sportive event. The typography is relative: »Ginger« is sportive, modern, international. Color encoding within the year‚s figures refer to the organizer Germany in playful way.

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