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World-Cup 2006
Integral Ruedi Baur with know-idea, Barbara Theis and Martin Armbruster
The whole world is waiting eagerly for the as for the drawing of the world cup qualification games as for no other event in this year. Because preliminary decision is taken, who is allowed to take part at the world ritual of international understanding and who is not allowed.
A classic branding would be too stiff in this case. Therefore we propose a processive, narrative ci-concept, at which all important nations take part, as long as they can and as long as they are allowed to do so. Phase 1: The rules of the game are defined. The fixed elements signature and pitch will be supplemented by illustration. The illustration is always a circle with a certain scene, painted by one only line. A German team of illustrators is creating the first drawings. Phase 2: Illustrators of the participating countries are interpreting the happening within the rules as far as their team is not being eliminated. At the end there is only one winner.
But will it be the best?