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The official logo is expression for an attitude, which does not understand football as central element of an event with worldwide importance any longer, but as necessary motor for selling key-ring pendants, tooth mugs and cute soft toys. The official logo needs to be a mascot. Where is the connection with football? Not the designer himself, the executing, but the people, who signed their duty report, need to be blamed.

Our duty report for the design:

  • to put emphasis on primary information for the event »football, 2006, World Cup, Germany«
  • to translate dynamism and beauty of football sports in a creative way umsetzen
  • a solution which is overcoming the esthetic half-life of three years until the World Cup zur WM sicher überschreitet
  • a solution with which German population as organizer of the Cup is feeling well represented

Entwurf: Die Gestalten